The Quality of Medicines - Future Evolution
9th April 2014

Industry Objectives

The objectives of this conference are to provide guidance on ways of attaining best regulatory practice and to review the quality management tools available to increase laboratory throughput whilst maintaining data quality and integrity. This conference will address GMP requirements for GMP QC laboratories and it will also present tools for an efficient and effective laboratory operation.

There will also be opportunity to pose questions to Pharmacopoeia Authorities and Regulatory bodies, to participate in technical discussions and to network with peers.

Target Audience

Individuals who work within the Pharmaceutical Industry responsible for conducting QC testing in association with the release of pharmaceutical products.

While this conference is aimed at individuals working within independent QC laboratories, it may also be useful to others within this industry sector.

This conference will be of significant value to

  • Laboratory managers
  • Quality control managers
  • Analytical scientists
  • Senior laboratory staff responsible for GMP compliance and laboratory Organisation.

Benefits/Why Attend

  • Gain guidance on the investigation of out of specifications
  • Obtain information on the licensing process for naming of contract GMP QC laboratories
  • Receive guidance on the application of EU GMP to contract GMP QC laboratories
  • Highlight key quality critical areas e.g. reconstruction of data
  • Investigate commonly seen GMP deficiencies identified in independent GMP QC laboratories
  • Discover an overview of the expectations for contract QC testing laboratories and the responsibilities of both contract giver and contract acceptor.
  • Meet the regulator and have the opportunity to ask questions on aspects affecting your organisation.
  • Gain greater knowledge of the quality issues affecting your organisation
  • Improve your organisations compliance through learning about enhanced processes
  • Recognise commonly seen deficiencies and learn how to reduce them in your organisation
  • Discover what you peers are doing through managed workshop

Delegates attending the MHRA Quality of Medicines - Future Evolution conference will be eligible to claim CPD points.

Regulatory Objectives

The objectives of this Stream are to provide opportunity to discuss hot topics and matters of interest to the global pharmacopoeial network.

Target Audience

Individuals who work in Pharmacopoeial Authorities or Regulatory bodies.

Benefits/Why Attend

  • Share experiences, knowledge and information
  • Investigate potential opportunities for harmonisation
  • Explore new developments and technological advances
  • Meet representatives from across the network
  • Gain greater knowledge of the issues affecting industry
  • Highlight opportunities for collaborative working across the network
  • Recognise and discuss regulatory challenges
  • Look forward and consider future activities

The Event App

This year we have a dedicated event App and Delegate Area of the website where you can exchange information and make contact with other delegates. This area allows you to create a profile including social media links and a mini cv.

The event App enables delegates to access live conference data including interactive delegate list, speakers' biographies, venue information and event agenda as well as conference documentation.

The event App also allows delegates to interact with each other and actively participate in online delegate forum where they will be able to ask questions, comment and share ideas and best practices.

The symposium app will be available on iPhone and Android soon!

Audience led question sessions

Have you found yourself at a conference wondering why the Q&As are not relevant to your business? This year delegates will have the opportunity to submit their most burning questions to be possibly featured in the panel session.

Registered delegates will be able to submit their questions in the Delegate Area of this website and on the symposium App.